Adam is an exceptional human-being; honest and forthright. I highly recommend him to any small business owner looking for a leadership coach with the ability to motivate and hold you accountable.

-- Rob Rohena, Indiana, U.S., Marketing and Investing Professional

I had a great opportunity to be coached by one of the most professional and humble coaches I have ever met. Adam helped me find my path regarding my purpose in life, my role towards my team and finally towards keeping life rituals for success. Adam coaches smoothly. As a client I felt I was guided without any kind of interference or domination; Adam is so deep in understanding, diagnosing and defining what exactly are the matters affecting his client. As a brand consultant, I always entered the sessions with lots of ideas, challenges and aspirations. Adam led a lot my thinking pattern and helped me take one step at a time to make all things happen in time. Thank you, Adam for such experience. Please reach out for Adam as a one-of-a-kind experienced coach; you will gain insights, guidance and a dear friend. 

--Maged Maher, Cairo, Egypt, Branding Company Owner