Certifications And Cultural Experiences

Why hire a certified coach?

If a coach invites you to be accountable, why wouldn't they also be accountable to a professional organization for ethical practice and professional standards of excellence?

Adam Fleming is credentialed by the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach.  He earned his leadership coaching certificate in 2009 through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching in Virginia Beach, VA.

Adam has taken many additional coach training programs since, including:

  • Certified Change Fitness Practitioner - The Change Gym

  • Core Values Index certified

  • Cerney-Smith Cross-Cultural Assessment certified

  • Certified Coach Trainer, Coaching Mission International Programs.

  • Mentor Coach, CMI Programs

Experience coaching includes training in coaching skills and coaching private clients in about 20 nations and subcultures (such as the Amish).

Adam's cultural perspective also comes from living outside the U.S., in France, Zaire (now D.R. Congo), Cote d'Ivoire, and Egypt.

  • Traveled to 20 countries and more than 40+ US States

  • Favorite beaches: Senegal, Thailand, and Prince Edward Island, Canada

  • Favorite mountain: The rock of Gibraltar

  • Favorite foreign city to visit: Alexandria, Egypt, for the food, sightseeing and especially my friends!

  • Coolest vacation with the whole family: Muscat, Oman

  • Most welcoming people: Asyut, Egypt

  • Weirdest foods: deep-fried scorpion, "yuck" (Chiang Mai, Thailand) "bush meat" with rice and so much red pepper, "um" and "hot" (Cote d'Ivoire); eggs, fries, chicken liver and mustard in a baguette, "better than it sounds", Dakar; conch and barracuda with plantain "truly amazing" (Belize).

  • Fave Street foods: pad Thai in Thailand, falafel and beans with eggplant in Egypt, and beignets and fried plantain in West Africa.

  • Nicest hotel: are you kidding? I don't stay at nice hotels. K.T. Guesthouse in Bangkok is pretty great for the price (about $20 a night, with A/C), clean, quiet, comfortable, and simple. Has a good pool, too.

  • Best one-day tour: Tangier, Morocco

  • Worst place to get stranded by an airline when out of money: Sevilla, Spain

  • Bucket list: Greece, Italy, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, South Pacific islands and too many other places to list.

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